Whistler B.C. Canada

Traveled up the British Columbia the end of last week, to Whistler for Ironman Canada.  I was here to support a close friend competing in the event.  So, you know I can’t go to someplace as cool as this without my camera.  On the Monday after the event we drove the beautiful bike course, stopping to do a little hiking and a bit of picture taking.

Whistler was the site of the alpine events at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The above shot was taken from the base of the ski jumps looking out over the road leading up to the event site.

As the athletes rode up the “hill”, they could hear the sound of Alexander Falls but couldn’t see it.  Just a short path off the road and here we were.  

Farther up the road, just south of Pemberton, B.C., was the short hike into Nairn Falls. Another one you could here from the road but couldn’t see.  This was our trail into the woods toward the falls.

Nairn Falls, an interesting waterfall as it twists and turns through a narrow gorge, then turns back again to head down stream.  Really powerful with the most amazing turquoise colored water, which seems to be the norm up here.

The view of the river, down stream from the falls.  On the way back to the car, incredible views any way you turn!

A very special place!!


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  1. Debra Keller August 3, 2017 at 10:22 pm #

    Wow! Just Wow!

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