We ain’t in Kansas anymore…or Ohio!

Just outside the hotel, but where you may ask.  Well I’m in Socorro New Mexico along with my friend and shooting partner Deb Keller.  We are here attending a workshop at Bosque del Apache, a wildlife refuge just about 20 min. south of here.  We’re  shooting with Artie Morris, a famous, in the bird photography world and beyond, photographer hoping to learn so much more than we already know which on some days ain’t a lot.  We arrived this afternoon and in our running around collecting gear from UPS managed to shoot some things this afternoon.  One of which was the landscape out the back of the motel.

Deb spotted this old train car on an abandoned rail line while cruising through town.  We just had to go back and see what we could do.  This image is a funky HDR, sort of like a painting.

So stay tuned for hopefully a full weeks worth of bird photos…..if I can just get a couple good ones a day…….

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  1. Deb November 21, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    love your train Mark!

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