Violent Water

As I’ve been going through some of my images from Yosemite, I keep coming across many surprises.  I’m finding some real gems, a lot of them where I was able to pull out small areas of detail.  This is something Bill Neill and I talked a lot about while there.  There are so many small hidden landscapes tucked away within this huge scene we all see, whether it’s Yosemite or your backyard.

One of these was the base of Vernal Falls.  A breathtaking waterfall, especially in the spring when the water is running high, but at the base, there’s so much going on with both the water crashing on the rocks while sneaking out to the left creating a smaller waterfall within a waterfall.

What gets me about this are the deep shadows of the rocks contrasting with the crashing water and the light mist at the bottom.  

Same image but converted to black & white.  Both are very striking to me and I go back and forth on a favorite.  

With Yosemite between seasons, fall color about gone and no snow, I think I was able to narrow my vision down and capture some really interesting parts of the park that we might miss amongst the grandeur of the larger landscape.

be sure to click on the images to see larger versions.  

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