The South Rim

After our long late night drive from the north rim to the south, we were up early for sunrise at Navajo Point, near the eastern end of the canyon.  Not many are up for sunrise so it was pretty quiet.  Standing alone at the edge of something so incredibly huge and beautiful is almost spiritual. The peace and quiet with the sun beginning to peek over the horizon, lighting up the canyon walls, it’s unbelievable!

Looking back east toward the sunrise, you can just make out the watch tower at Desert View in the upper right corner.  That’s the last overlook on the eastern edge of the park.

After spending some time exploring the lookouts along the south rim, and having a short nap, we ended up at Lipan Point for sunset.  Like most of out days in the past week, clouds would roll in just as the sun was setting.  Not ideal for that classic colorful sunset shot, but still making it interesting.

These last two images give you that layered feeling looking back through the canyon.

We did get some light on the canyon walls before Mr. Sun hid in the clouds.  If you compare this shot with the first, you can see we were a little  farther west.

This pretty much signaled the end of our trip.  The last sunset.  Just a glimpse between the clouds and the horizon.

Nine days exploring some of this countries most beautiful landscapes!  How blessed we were to be able to make such a fantastic trip!

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