The Magic of Bosque

Yesterday we saw the blast off up really close, almost all snow geese.  Today there were a whole bunch more sandhill cranes feeding in the corn fields with the snow geese.  The funny part is as the ruckus builds and the honking gets louder, the geese finally blast out of the field leaving the cranes standing there looking up wondering what the heck in the world is going on?!?

Once up in the air, the snow geese must return, gracefully floating on the wind and gliding back into the corn fields.

This is a blue goose on final approach.  The blue goose is a blue morph of the snow goose.

And here my friends are a pair of the sandhill cranes, one of the stars of the show this week

These sandhill cranes are flying through the last of todays sun, as it sets behind the mountains, on their way to the crane pools at Bosque.

Turn 180 degrees from the setting sun and lo and behold the rising full moon, three sandhill cranes making their way to the pools.

I tell you, this place is magical

click on ’em and have a look at the larger versions

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