Natural Wonderland

I just returned from an annual fishing trip with my brothers.  We went south this year to a reservoir near Salt Springs Florida.  Lake Ochlawaha, also sometimes referred to as Rodman Reservoir, is a result of the damming of the Ochlawaha River over 50 years ago.  What makes it unique in my opinion is the way this relatively shallow lake has developed over the years.  Since it is shallow, there are a bunch of cypress trees growing right out of the water, especially in the southwestern part where it narrows down.  It’s also developed an abundance of wildlife.  All kinds of birds, alligators, Manatee and of course the reason we were there, huge large mouth bass!

We were up at an ungodly hour every morning.  The good part of that is seeing the sunrise begin to light up the lake.

Just a small sample of the wildlife there.  Look close at the first image and you’ll see an Osprey perched on the top of the tree.  It seemed as though there was at least one Osprey nest near every place we stopped to fish.  They were everywhere.  Soon after we would have as many as four circling around above us hoping to snatch a little lunch.  Of course, we were fishing with live bait, 4- 6 inch bait fish, perfect size for the Osprey to pick out of the water!

Click on this image to see it larger, and you can see the small green bobber just below the Osprey.  In his left talon is the bait.  Snatched right in front of us!!


We had a great time and were able to spend 5 days in a real natural wonderland!

Oh, did we catch anything?

You bet!!

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