Moon Over Columbus

Some more images from the other evening, moon rising over downtown Columbus.

This was taken from west of where Vets Memorial used to be.  With the building gone now, it opened up the area for a pretty good view of downtown.  This is a 12 shot, two row panorama.  What’s cool about this is the fading reflection of sunset on the glass of the lower part of the Huntington building.

This next image is just a small piece of the first, about 16%.  That’s a big crop, makes the moon look way oversize!

But it wasn’t just about the full moon either.  There’s some other really cool places to view downtown.

Looking over the river at downtown from the walkway on the Main St. bridge.  One of the nicer views in my mind.  There’s still a bunch of construction going on as part of the Greenways project.  You can just see glimpses of the new trees and grass in the lower left corner.

Same bridge but taken from the far side of the road with that full moon peeking through the light clouds.

 And finally from the Rich St. bridge, the blue bridge!

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