Lac La Croix Pictographs

Across the Canadian boarder, on Lac La Croix, in Quetico Provincial Park are a series of pictographs.  These were painted many hundreds of years ago, although no one knows the specific dates, maybe as many as 500 years ago.

There are Moose, stylized humans and other animals.  Weapons and many hand prints.

These paintings were made with red ochre, probably from a canoe or boat of some kind as the water at the base of the cliffs is quite deep.

Either the water level was up, they were really tall or somebody was sitting on another’s shoulders!

As you can see, the cliffs dive straight into deep waters.

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  1. Will Jansen April 5, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    While up on Lac La Croix this past summer, my uncle and I found and inscription next to these paintings that read L.R. then underneath that the year 1782

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