Isla Rabida

A short navigation south, to Isla Rabida, for an afternoon landing.

Rabida is a relatively small island with a very rocky coast and a small beach, which is where we landed. Because of the extremely high iron content in the lava, the rocks and sandy beach have a very distinctive red coloring.

The Red Beach
The High Cliffs South of the Beach

As you can see, everything takes on a shade of red, except for maybe the sea lions.

The Cliffs

It’s hard to get an idea of just how high the cliffs are standing below them. The last image was taken from the boat, the sea lions are just specks on the red sand.

White-Cheeked Pintail Duck

A short walk from the beach is a salt water lagoon, fed underground from the sea. We were lucky to see a couple of flamingos as they arn’t always around here. We also saw several white-cheeked pintail ducks floating around.

Another familiar face! This marine iguana looks so striking with the red background. He was sitting up on top of a pretty big boulder putting him at eye level with us.

Nice colors with the Sally Lightfoot crab hiding amongst the red rocks and the green vegetation.

Old Pal

On our way out I came upon some pelicans feeding off the shore. There was a couple of brown noddies hanging around to see if they could scavenge any leftovers. I guess these two are old friends!

One more morning landing tomorrow, so we headed toward North Seymour, where we will anchor for the night.

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