Isla Lobos & Punta Pitt

If you look at the map below, you can see we did a lot of traveling around San Cristobal. We overnighted in the harbor and at 4:45 a.m. set sail for Isla Lobos, a very small island just off the coast.

After landing at Isla Lobos, we had a pretty tough walk over a lot of lava rocks and boulders to reach a sandy beach area in the middle of the tiny island.

The rocks in the foreground give you an idea of what we walked across to get there. The large monolith in the background is called Kicker Rock. It’s actually made up of two large rocks, they just blend together at this angle. I only bring this up because at the end of this post you will see another version …. just a bit more dramatic!

Young Pelican in the Morning Light
Blue Footed Baby Feeding Her Chick

OK, it’s not pretty but they feed their chicks by regurgitating food. Here you can see the young one feeding out of mom’s mouth.

More, please ……

Pretty Rainbow

After the cloudy morning when we landed, the sun finally peeked out and bestowed a beautiful full rainbow over the end of the island.

This image was taken with the most special rainbow camera ……. my iPhone!

The Harbor from the Above

Not much wildlife on this hike, just some beautiful scenery. We hiked up a very narrow and steep passage. Once at the top, we started back down to the other side.

The Other Side!

More coast, more sea! This point is the eastern most tip of the Galapagos Islands. The coast of South America is just 600 miles straight out there! Couldn’t see it though.

The Walk Down

This really doesn’t give a good perspective of the steepness of the trail but this was our way up and then back down. It’s literally hiking up through an old cone of a volcano.

Kicker Rock at Sunset!

We set sail back to the harbor in Baquerizo Moreno where we will spend the night once more. On our way, we passed Kicker Rock, and once we saw how the sun was lighting up the cliff face, it was all hands on deck to get the photographs!

We will pull up anchor at 3 a.m. in the morning to head to Santa Fe Island for our 7:30 landing.

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