Interesting? or Just a Blurry Picture?

Here’s an interesting image.  When it’s too dark to shoot sharp, early morning, later evening, you can always play with blurs.  Intentional blurs, slowing shutter speed and creating images similar to the one below.  For the most part, I’m not a big fan of blurs and to be honest theres a lot more to making a “pleasing blur” than you think.  Make hundreds and get one, maybe.  Well I came upon this one from the other day and for whatever reason I kind of like it.  It’s a group of white ibis on the sand bar at the end of the day.  It was shot at F20 and 1/10 of second.  If you look closely, you can begin to pick out the long bills and the skinny red legs of the birds.  The second image is what an unblured ibis looks like, although this one happens to be standing on only one leg.  Interesting? or just a blurry picture??

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