Heading South …. Way South!

We boarded a plane in Columbus yesterday evening, bound for Atlanta and ultimately ending in Santiago, Chile this morning.  As you can see, we were blessed with a truly beautiful sunset on the way to Atlanta.  It was lots of fun to be above the clouds with the setting sun lighting everything up from below.  We will be in Santiago for the next two days, then head south again to Punta Arenas, Chile, the southernmost city in Chile.  After a day there, it’s on a plane heading south yet again, to our final destination, Antarctica!

In the mean time, a few shots of the city as we were able to wander around a bit this afternoon.

The old reflected in the new.  This a city of six million plus, the largest in Chile with that mix of old architecture and the shiny new.

I’ll try to keep up with some posts here, but I’m not sure how good our connections will be as we head farther south.  Certainly upon our return there will be lots to share!

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