We navigated to the island of Fernandina after our panga ride at Punta Vincente Roca so we could be up early to land at Punta Espinosa at first light.

One of the more interesting landings, due simply to the varied landscape. Punta Espinosa, and most of the island for that matter, is at the base of La Cumbre Volcano, and is the only landing spot on the island. Lots of black lave but with mangrove and other greenery to add a little color.

The Bay at Punta Espinosa and La Cumbre Volcano
Our Mangrove Landing Spot

Beautiful combination of the lava, mangrove, beaches and a spectacular backdrop. Being the western most island of the Galapagos, Fernandina is the youngest island in the archipelago, at less than one million years old and still changing! In June of 2018, La Cumbre erupted through fissures on the north side sending lava flows into the sea for several days.

Lava Cactus

Our second cactus in the islands, lava cactus is endemic to the Galapagos existing in only 11 known small clusters on six islands.

A Pile of Marine Iguanas

Fernandina is home to “piles” of marine iguanas. Clustering together to preserve body heat until the sun rises high enough in the sky to warm them. They are for the most part vegetarian, feeding on plant life in the sea. And as you can see come in many sizes!

Just a Baby!
“Driftwood Sculpture”

Actually not driftwood but remnants of previous volcanic events. Interesting shapes and I really like it in black and white.

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