Faroe Islands – Back Again!

Sadly, the trip had to end sometime, so now I’m back home with just the photos to remind me of the incredible adventure we all had exploring the Faroe Islands. I’d like to start off with a little background about this wonderful place.

Map of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are an Archipelago made up of 18 islands, composed of volcanic rock with a thin covering layer of peat soil. They are located about halfway between the coast of Norway and Iceland, in the North Atlantic Ocean. The mountains are high and rugged with sheer cliffs that lead down to the sea creating many fjords as you can see by the map above. The climate is regulated by the Gulf Stream so the temperatures in the winter stay pretty much in the 30’s and in summer the mid 50’s. It is, however, very wet and windy!

I’m reusing the first photo from the trip to show just how windy, rainy and foggy it can be. When we arrived it had been raining for quite some time. The wind was howling and the temperature right around 50 degrees. Our first night was supposed to be in tents, but our guide, Christian, thankfully decided an AirB&B would be the better choice.

Fossa Waterfall

After a fitful nights sleep, not in a tent, the rain continued although at a lesser pace. We ventured out to the Fossá waterfall on Streymoy island. This is one of the highest waterfall in the islands. A little hard to see in this photo but there are two main waterfalls. If you look closely you will see my friend Steve standing to the right of the frame, gives you an idea of the scale of things.

A view from the other side

The rest of the day was very busy with some driving, ferry boat riding and a ton of hiking! Since there is so much to cover, I’ll leave that for the next installment.

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