Differing Landscape

A few more thoughts on our trip to Eastern Washington.  We weren’t quite far enough east to be in the Palouse, the huge agricultural area where wheat is the big crop.  A little farther to the west where we were, it’s a bit of a combination.  Take the green out and it could be the desert southwest, Utah or Arizona.

This six shot panorama gives you an idea of what I am saying.  The rock formations may be smaller, but it looks like a greener smaller Utah.  In this image you can just make out Blyth Lake, a small lake linked together with two others just to the south of the huge Potholes Reservoir.

Look a little farther and you can see the the beginning of the agricultural area of the state.  The wheat is farther west but here, fruit trees, apples and cherries, hops and lots of grapes.  This is a big wine making area of Washington.

Because it’s so arid, there are tons of these huge irrigation rigs everywhere.  They make all those giant circles you see from the air.

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