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Elduvík, Pershús and the cast of Characters

I think it’s time to recognize the great group of people we had on this trip. From the first day, when we all sat around in a small cafe in Sørvágur giving a little history […]

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On the road to Kalsoy!

After our morning adventures at the Fossá waterfall, it was time to head out to catch the ferry in Klaksvík which would take us to the island of Kalsoy. Leaving the island of Streymoy, we […]

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Faroe Islands – Back Again!

Sadly, the trip had to end sometime, so now I’m back home with just the photos to remind me of the incredible adventure we all had exploring the Faroe Islands. I’d like to start off […]

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Faroe Island Update!

I would first like to apologize for not getting updates in a timely manner. I’m finding it very difficult to spend time in front of my computer when there is such a fabulous place right […]

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The Faroe Islands!!

We flew into the Faroe Islands from Copenhagen this morning to a day of rain and heavy winds! But, that’s pretty normal for here, it seems. We have a group of 7 including our guide […]

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