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White Pocket

After our adventure at Toroweep, it was hard to believe we could be heading straight to a place as magical as White Pocket.  After our long drive out from the Grand Canyon, we made a […]

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A Long Day’s Night

As you know from the last post, we were up super early to start the day at the windows and turret arch.  Well, it was one of those days that just doesn’t end, but gets […]

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After the less than perfect conditions last night, we woke up to some pretty nice skies to go along with this incredible place.  Leaving the hotel at 4 this morning got us to the park […]

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Svinafellsjokull Glacier

Now that truly is a mouthful.  It means swine glacier – ok, pig glacier.  Pig mountain frames one side of the glacier we visited today and that’s how this glacier was named.  We had a […]

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Moon and the Aurora

Pretty spectacular full moon last night.  The only problem was the full moon.  Huh?? This was taken right outside our lodge, not a whole lot of interesting foreground but I do like the lone tower […]

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