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In Flight!

As a follow up on yesterday’s post, I realized I hadn’t included any shots of what these birds do best and that’s fly! Putting the brakes on just before landing! A nice easy glide

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Falconry – The Sport of Kings

I was most fortunate to be invited, with some friends, to take part in a day of Falconry.  A completely new experience for me and most of my friends.  What I originally thought was going […]

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Another View

Here are some more shots of the Hawk family from yesterday evening.  I cropped these, which makes the subject larger in the frame.  There is so much detail with these guys, it was almost impossible […]

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By Golly, They’ve Flown the Coop!

Ok, this one’s not one of the babies, excuse me, hawklings.  This is dad, or at least I think so circling around the nest keeping a close eye on that guy down there with what […]

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Hawkling Update

When we last left our Hawks nest, we had just the smallest of youngsters, barely looking over the edge of the nest.  But now, we have real Hawklings (as I’m calling them), up and roaming […]

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