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Galapagos Portfolio

Well, I finally put together a portfolio of images from my Galapagos trip. It’s the first set of images on the portfolio page, hope you enjoy!

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Galapagos Final Notes

Since I’ve covered every landing on the trip, I thought I’d revise the final trip map so it’s a bit easier to read. Also, post some of the pictures of our group from throughout the […]

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North Seymour Island …. Again!

After our short navigation to North Seymour Island yesterday evening, we were up early and on to our landing by 6 A.M. We had only about 2 hours for this landing as this was the […]

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Isla Rabida

A short navigation south, to Isla Rabida, for an afternoon landing. Rabida is a relatively small island with a very rocky coast and a small beach, which is where we landed. Because of the extremely […]

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The Hunt, the Catch, the Video!

I’ve finally been able to include this video I promised a while ago of the sea lion hunt and catch. It’s a bit choppy but that’s because I was hand holding a long lens in […]

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