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High Note Trail

After a gondola ride then chairlift, you find yourself at the top of Whistler mountain, about 7100 feet.  From there, the High Note trail will take you on a hike of about 6.5 miles that […]

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Iceberg Lake ….in late June?

Falling a little behind as I’ve been doing quite a bit of hiking while in Glacier.  With the long days, that leaves little time to go through my images and get them up here. A […]

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Spent most of yesterday walking the boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp and Sanctuary.  I’ve been several times in the past and every time is different.  Since this is the dry season the water is down there’s […]

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Hello Lily!

I’ve been in Naples the last few days and visited the Naples Botanical Gardens for the first time.  What really caught my eye were the wonderful water lilies. These were all taken mid afternoon, so […]

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Photography? Painting? Artwork?

Playing around with some different techniques this evening and it prompted me to ask the question, is it photography?  Ok, it was taken with a camera but it’s very abstract, some might say impressionistic.  Broke […]

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