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New Slideshow!

I’ve posted a new slideshow in the portfolio section under Wildlife.  Finally after all these months I put some of my favorites together from our epic trip to Bosque del Apache last November.  The image […]

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Ross’s Goose

I’ve talked a bit about the snow geese in Bosque the last few weeks.  In reality, there were several different species of geese. These are a pair of Ross’s Geese.  They differ from the Lesser […]

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Hello Ducky

Ducks are cute, right?  I mean just look at this widgeon, even the name is cute – widgeon.  He’s waddling across the ice, pigeon toed……. or would that be widgeon toed, fat little checks and […]

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Two by Two

Sometimes I was able to target a pair of birds and make the image.  Other times, I was just plain lucky!  To me, these are some of my favorites because often times these pairs are […]

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Singin’ in the Rain…or whatever

Here we have the barbershop quartet plus one.  Four adults and one juvenile, he’s trying out for next years group.  Can you figure out who he is? Just resting in the fields.  Again two adults […]

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