And, Yes, There was Wildlife

No birds this trip, although there was a ton of hawks patrolling the sky down by the river, I just didn’t have the equipment with me to do them justice.  However…..

Elk just about every morning.  I saw small herds of cows and calves but unfortunately, no bulls.  They’re pretty hard to sneak up on too.  If you got just a little bit close, one would inevitably raise up and stare at me.  I would freeze and only move on when she went back to grazing.  After about two or three times she would get fed up and move the herd off to the safety of the woods.

The marmots on the other hand were everywhere down by the river, burrowing in the ground and climbing all over the cliffs and rocks.  They make a chirping sound that is just like a smoke detector with a low battery.  At first I thought it was a bird calling!  Some don’t seem to care how close you get like this guy.  I followed him up from the grass to this rock where he just posed.  Like the elk, when he finally got tired of me, off he went up the cliffs.

And just for fun, here are the two images from yesterday, only in color this time.  I think both are much more dramatic in B & W.

don’t forget to click on them to see bigger versions!

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  1. Debra Keller August 29, 2012 at 6:57 am #

    You mean you didn’t wear your elk outfit? You’re suppose to duct tape branches on your head and crawl in the grass like a bull. Brings em in every time! I might have to disagree with you on the color vs. b&w images. Both are really good, but I think I favor the color. It’s a mood thing. Nice work!

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