I’m Melting!!!!!!!

I’m Melting!!!!!!

Ok, this is pretty cheesy, so bear with me.  This photography thing has so many roads to travel on, lately, I can’t figure out which one to go down.  Or better said, can’t figure out how to go down them all at one time!!  Everybody knows about time lapse photography, right…..right!  We’ve all seen the clouds moving overhead or a flower opening and closing – things that normally take a long time compressed into a short time.  So if you click on the link above, right below the image, you can see my first attempt at time lapse photography.  I’ll spoil it now by telling you the ice is going to melt…..big surprise, huh?  Well it was easy to set up and pretty predictable even if it’s less than exciting.  See, the thing is, it is exciting to me.  It’s something different and opens a whole new realm of possibilities.  Sunrises, sunsets, clouds, moving water, daytime to nighttime even something so simple as traffic.  See where this is going?  Keep your eyes peeled here for more, hopefully, interesting examples.  Like I said, lots of roads to go down.

So, how did he do it? It started out by making 500 images over the time it took for the ice to melt.  And as you will see, I didn’t even have the patience to wait till it was all melted.  Those 500 images were rendered in photoshop into the little Quick Time movie you see here.  Really pretty simple, now we just have to find more interesting subjects!

Be patient, it may take a little bit for the movie to open

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