White Pocket

After our adventure at Toroweep, it was hard to believe we could be heading straight to a place as magical as White Pocket.  After our long drive out from the Grand Canyon, we made a short stop in Kanab, to replenish a few supplies.  The skies had cleared and we had some great clouds for the trip down another “less than ideal” road.  Let’s just say I’m glad we weren’t taking the rental car, cause we surly wouldn’t have made it. Three hours later, we pulled into a place that looked like a planet right out of Star Wars.  Will set about setting up camp while Steve and I started hiking around the area.  It’s maybe 30-40 acres of the most unusual rock formations you’ve ever seen.  With the rain that we had the previous day, most of the little pockets were filled with water.

The fact we didn’t have any wind to speak of, made for some killer reflections!

I love the way all the ridges sweep their way up towards the camera, it’s a really neat place!

All kinds of shapes and designs.

…..and one lone tree amongst the brain rocks.

And, of course we had to take advantage of the night skies to shoot the milky way again.  This time we were blessed with the Perseids meteor shower on this night and if you look closely to the right of the milky way you’ll be able to see one!

So after two incredible days and nights, we now head for the north rim of the Grand Canyon and then on to the south rim before calling an end to our most excellent adventure!

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