Warrior Hill

Warrior Hill, located in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario Canada.  Just across the boarder on Lac La Croix.  After our visit to the pictographs, we paddled south a little farther to Warrior Hill.  According to Native American legend, running to the top of Warrior Hill was a right of passage for young braves to become warriors.  It doesn’t look so bad from the bottom, but believe me the hike up is much more than it seems from down low.  And the view from the top is spectacular – looking south out across Lac LA Croix!

This is a panorama made up of 8 images, stitched together in photoshop.  If you click on it you will see a larger version, better yet read on below!

Click on this guy and you get a version that you can zoom in on and pan from one end to the other.  Play around with the controls at the bottom of the image, the one that will open when you click on it.  Pretty cool!

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