Warm Sunset…..Cool Sunset

I’ve been going through all my images from our trip up to the boundary waters last month.  In my travels through all of these photos, I just can’t help but stop and play around a bit.  I stumbled upon one little trick I thought I would share.

This first one is sunset on Lady Boot Bay, pretty much as it came out of the camera.  Clarity and vibrance were bumped up a bit, just to bring out the color of the sun and sharpen things up just a touch.

Same image of the sunset, just a few different settings in post processing.  The biggest change is the white balance, from what it was in the camera (auto white balance, so the camera chose what it’s little computer brain thought best) to tungsten.  That’s a setting you might use under tungsten lighting to compensate making the scene look more natural.  In this instance, choosing tungsten white balance tones down the disk of the sun and gives a dark blue cast.  A completely different look of the same scene, just by making minor changes in the “darkroom” .  I like them both, but am a bit partial to the blue one, what do you think?

click on the above images to see them bigger

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  1. Deb September 23, 2010 at 6:44 am #

    Depends, sunset or moon rising? Like them both! It’s a mood thing.

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