It’s hard to believe that just three days ago, we had single digit temps and most everything was either a block or sheet of ice.  The last post, “Frozen” will give you a good example of what it looked like on Monday.

By Thursday evening, we had temps pushing 60 degrees and nary an ice cube in sight.  Coupled with some pretty good rain the night before and the creeks were running mighty full!


It just shows the fascination I have with moving water.  I must have a thousand shots of this creek, all times of the year, but I never get tired of coming back.

Because it’s water, it never looks the same.  Sometimes running fast, as it is here, and sometimes just a lazy stream.  If you look close, there are lots of little details that are easy to overlook.  Just playing with the shutter speed of the camera can give a whole different look the the image.  Take for instance, these last two shots.  The first was shot at 4 seconds, while the second one at just 0.4 seconds.  You can see how the longer exposure will smooth out the water giving it that creamy look.  Which do you like best?


be sure to click on the image to see a bigger version!

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