Two Medicine Lake

At the southeast corner of Glacier Nat. Park, lies the Two Medicine River and three Glacial lakes, Upper Two Medicine, Lower Two Medicine and  Two Medicine.  They were named by the Blackfoot Indian Nation because there were two medicine lodges along the river, making it most sacred to the tribe.


Our first view of Glacier on the afternoon we arrived, Lower Two Medicine Lake, from the side of the road on route 49.

Two Medicine Lake at sunset with Sinopah Mountain looming in the background at an elevation of 8271 feet.  With the  surface elevation of the lake at 5164 feet, that’s 3100 feet of climb to the peak!   As with all the lakes and rivers in Glacier, the water is unbelievably clear, affording a splendid view of all the colorful rocks on the lake bottom near the shore.

A few minutes after sunset this black and white image makes the lake and surrounding mountains way more mysterious.


On the way to Two Medicine lake, you may come across Running Eagle Falls, named after a Blackfoot tribeswoman.  The story goes, she was more of a Blackfoot warrior, brave and with great hunting skills. 

One of the more interesting waterfalls in the park, it’s also known as “trick falls”.  Look closely at the image and you begin to see that the water is not only flowing over the very top but also flowing out of a “tunnel” part way down.  In the dry season there is no water over the top but all of it flows through the bottom opening.  With the wet winter and spring this year, there’s plenty of water for both!

A closer look at the natural opening low down in the cliff where most of the water flows through.

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  1. steve hirsch July 7, 2017 at 6:48 pm #

    Looks like cool skies, love the trick fall!

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