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Espanola – Gardner Bay

Our first landing of the day was at Gardner Bay, a barefoot landing as the beach was one of the softest I’ve ever been on. It was like a mix of sugar and flour. Beautiful […]

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Isla Floreana – Punta Cormorant

We woke this morning off the coast of Floreana, where we skipped breakfast in order to get to our landing early. Our one chance to see Flamingos! Beautiful beach where we landed, then hiked over […]

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Puerto Ayora – El Chato

After our extended panga rides, we headed around the south end of Isabela and on to Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. After breakfast we headed to shore where we bused up into […]

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Elizabeth Bay – Punta Moreno

This was probably the best day, photographically, of the trip so far! So much to see and so much to share, so this is going to be a pretty long post today. We spent the […]

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Tagus Cove – Urbina Bay

After returning to the Samba from Fernandina, we motored across the strait back to Isabela for a panga ride along the coast at Tagus Cove. Tagus Cove Interesting coastline with lots of caves and fallen […]

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