RED, WHITE & ………boom

Our plan worked – sorta.  Our secret location, which really wasn’t so secret since there must have been 500 people there, was ok, just not really great.  We had a good piece of freeway in front of us, street lights and all.  I’ve cropped a lot of that out in these photos

These are the best of the colorful ones.  There seemed to be a lot of just white ones, or at least it did to          me in sorting through all of my images.

And, a lot of them were low.  At least from where we were situated.  Now I suppose if you were right downtown the perspective would have been a little different.  I tried to pick out the ones here that showed most of downtown.

This one is pretty cool, like snakes in the sky.  I think next year we have to bite the bullet, fight the         crowds and head right downtown.  But wait….. there’s more tonight!!

Go ahead and click on them so you can see them much bigger & better!

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