Over the Top??

We had a little snow one morning last week so I decided to hike down into one of the ravines behind the house.  This old truck, or what’s left of it, has been there forever.  I thought the light dusting of snow might make for some interesting shots.  When I got around to playing with them, I did something I don’t normally do, and that’s go way out of the box on the post processing.  Some call it grunge.  It’s pretty interesting, and kinda fun with the right subject.  Different anyhow.

The tree fallen across the truck bed is new, not sure which storm brought that one down.

What a way to start the week!!

you’ve got to see these bigger – just click on them!

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  1. deb March 18, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    This is so out of your comfort zone… I love them. You did good friend:)

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