On the road to Kalsoy!

After our morning adventures at the Fossá waterfall, it was time to head out to catch the ferry in Klaksvík which would take us to the island of Kalsoy. Leaving the island of Streymoy, we crossed over to the next island to the east, Eysturoy. Continuing west to east, across Eysturoy to the subsea tunnel that takes us to Klaksvík. An interesting note, since the islands are so mountainous there are quite a few tunnels making it so much easier to get around without mountain passes to traverse. There are also three subsea tunnels that actually go under the fjords from one island to another. Quite the infrastructure for such a small remote place! After a fabulous lunch of fresh fish and chips at a tiny place next to the pier and a stop at a local restaurant for sandwiches for dinner, it was off to the ferry!

The red van is our ride on the ferry

As you can see, the rain has stopped!!

The other end of our 20 minute ferry ride to Kalsoy

From the pier on Kalsoy, we made our way to our campsite just above the village of Mikladalur where we got the tents set up for our overnight stay. Not the Ritz, but comfortable and out of the howling winds!

Um …. cozy

With the sun on our backs, ok, maybe the clouds at our backs, we made our way to the first hike of the day a place just above the tiny village of Trøllanes. There was no trail, just the grass covered side of the mountain. With sheep grazing around us, we made what turned out to be the hardest hike of the trip up to the ridge overlooking the sea. How high?? Really really high!!

This is the view from the bottom looking up. Doesn’t look so bad, right! we hiked to the spot to the left of the rocky point up top.

From the top looking down!! The arrow points to our van parked along the road. Whole different perspective, wouldn’t you say? This hike kicked my butt, and everyone else too! But what a view! As you can see the road comes out of one of the tunnels to the right of the van and ends in the village of Trøllanes down by the sea.

Once at the top the view was spectacular! That’s Christian in the photo standing out on the point. Just to the right in the photo is nothing but air all the way down to the sea. How far? Many many hundreds of feet!

Needless to say, the hike down was just a bit easier, faster too! From there we parked the van in the village below and made our way on the second hike to the Kallurin lighthouse at the very northern tip of Kalsoy.

Kallurin Lighthouse

As you can see a most spectacular place with many places to photograph from.

The path leading from the lighthouse to the most northern point. Not much room for error!

Looking back at the lighthouse from the very end of the world

This view is looking west back at the island of Eysturoy and the waterfall in the setting sun.

Sunset is close to 10 p.m. so we ended up back at the van close to 11 p.m. After a dinner of the sandwiches we bought before the ferry ride, we didn’t get back to the tents until midnight. I think everyone slept pretty good that night! More adventures to come tomorrow!!

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