North Rim at the Grand Canyon

Finally back home, still going through files I hadn’t had a chance to even look at while away.  Talk about whirlwind!

After leaving White Pocket, we drove to the north rim of the grand canyon, where we spent the afternoon and evening.  Our sunset was spoiled by clouds at the last minute, but the view of the canyon was still fabulous.  The north rim is much higher in elevation than the south at 8800 feet in some places.  It really gives you a good view down into the canyon.  Unlike Toroweap, 55 miles farther west, the canyon walls are between 12 and 15 miles apart here.  Where the vista at Toroweap was a sharp vertical drop into the canyon, here it stretches out for miles affording a “grand” vista.

This is the view from Cape Royal right before sunset.  This is the farthest point from the visitors center on a paved road.  It gives you some idea of how broad the views are.

Point Imperial with potential storms all around.  The light shining on Haydens Peak in the lower right corner, and extending out into the canyon, miles away.  It’s really quite remarkable how the light and clouds play with the shadows over different parts of the canyon.

This from Roosevelt Point.  All these are off the main paved road and are easily accessible by car.

On the Cape Royal trail, all paved, there is a great view of Angel’s Window.  To give you an idea of the scale, click on the image and look for the people along the railing out on the overlook!

And the complete view with Angel’s Window at the right edge of the frame.  What a view!

It’s amazing how the trees grow right out of the rock!  This tree on the path at Bright Angel Trail, an easy walk from the visitors center.

Just after sunset, Steve and I headed out for the south rim.  At the visitors center, we were only 1o miles away, as the crow flies, however, not being crows, we had to make the 215 mile, 4 1/2 hour drive by car!  First north to Jacob Lake, then east to Marble Canyon, south to sr 64 and finally west again to our hotel at the south rim.  Late night, with an early wake up call for sunrise!

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    Wow…just wow.

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