Monument Valley

Trying to catch up!  It’s been a whirlwind last three days, unbelievably exciting visiting a couple of otherworldly places.  But I digress.  Backing up three days, we are still in Monument Valley, I gave you a tiny “peek” in the last post with a shot through the teardrop.  The skies were all over the place going from completely clear to clouds pretty much blocking the sunset.  We visited a couple places with our Navajo guide, Ray, and ended up at one of the most recognizable one’s in the valley – the mittens.

Even though the sun was peeking in and out of the clouds, they still ended up with a fair amount of the warm sunset lighting them up. This was the view right out our hotel window although for this shot we walked down the road a bit.

Sunrise gave us more partly cloudy skies but offered up a hint of light on the Totem.  That’s the 450 foot spire on the right.  To the left is “The Yei Bi Chei” meaning Navajo spiritual gods.  They are also known as the Dancers.

This was the start of 3 days of almost non stop movement to some of the most remote and hard to get to places in the southwest.

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