Life at Bosque

Every evening and every morning we get to see the sunrise and the moon set.  It’s like they’re connected by a big stick that passes right through here.  As one goes down, the other comes up from the opposite side of the sky.  As the moon was going down, the sun had risen and painted the mountains in this wonderful golden light.  At about that time everyone was just waking up and starting to move around.  Most of those in the air here are ducks, mallards and pintails.

Everybody including this sandhill crane begin the move from the pools where they spend the night into the farm fields for breakfast.  This one’s coming in hot!

The redwing blackbirds just blasting around the fields at something like a thousand miles an hour.  The males are the pretty ones with the red shoulders.

The snow geese, in this case a pair of juveniles, glide into the fields sometimes just hovering on the wind.

In the last of the pink glow from the setting sun and before Mr. Moon has peeked over the mountains, the sandhill cranes make their way back to the crane pools for a good nights rest.

Goodnight Gracie….

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