Landmannalaugar – after three days of trying, I can finally pronounce this one.  It’s like talking with your mouth full of marbles.

Did I say changing landscape yesterday?  Boy, did it ever change again today, and not just from yesterday but from morning to noon to afternoon!

Vast!  It goes on forever.  Volcanic region of just flat endless landscape.  Our first stop this morning.  About a 45 minute drive through this.  Of course we were lucky to be doing 20mph.

As we got higher and closer to the mountains we encountered several large lakes.  Good fishing in the summer they say.  The moss is beginning to show up here and the land starts to go up!

Looking back as we climb up into the lava fields, the moss gets thicker, almost like walking on a pillow and we start to see huge pieces of obsidian scattered about everywhere.

Once through the lava fields, this is what we see.  More vast landscape.

Moving closer.

Driving back down to our lodge, we pass by Hekla, one of Icelands most active volcanos.

The days just get better!

be sure to click on the images for larger!

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  1. steve hirsch October 8, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

    Love the leading lines in the first one. The scenery looks great. Looks like the weather is cooperating. Keep em coming.

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