Just More Weirdness

This caught my eye the other day, so I just had to go out and photograph it before it disappeared.  I know, I know, just weird – but it caught my eye.  Should have spent some more time playing around with it but I’m getting ready to head up North for our annual trek to the Boundary Waters.

A smaller one, maybe not yet grown up – I told you, weird!  I like the backgrounds on both, really like playing with the depth of field and low angles.  Maybe I can find some weird stuff up north to photograph.  Hoping for some great night skies, no moon and clear.  I’ve got some ideas so we’ll see how they work out if the weather cooperates.  I’ve been back and forth on what photo gear to take, we don’t have much room and I probably have more than I need…or….I don’t have enough – who knows.  But as many have said before, what’s the best camera in the world???? – The one you happen to have with you.  Back in about ten days, hopefully with some interesting new things, Oh, and you know what happens when you click on the images, right?

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