Elduvík, Pershús and the cast of Characters

I think it’s time to recognize the great group of people we had on this trip. From the first day, when we all sat around in a small cafe in Sørvágur giving a little history of ourselves, I knew this was going to be a special week with a group of very special people.

Lizzie, Christian, Bjørg, Steve, Maddie, Cristina, and yours truly

Christian Als, our leader, is a very accomplished climber having summited Denali as well as several 7000 meter peaks. He is a photojournalist and adventurer. You might be able to see in the photo, he is a little careless with a kitchen knife, thus the bandage on his thumb! Christian and Bjørg are both from Copenhagen, the rest of the bunch from the U.S. Cristina is originally from Venezuela but has lived in Houston for many years.

After our night in the tents, we were off to catch the ferry back to Klaksvík where we had a sumptuous brunch at Fri∂a Kaffihús. It looked like too much food but we all seemed to gobble it up!

Our house for the remainder of the trip

With our stomachs full, we headed off to our Air B&B in the village of Elduvík. In the drone photo above the white arrow points to our house. And, that’s the whole village you see there!

And our house had a name!

The house was fantastic! Three bedrooms, Christian slept on the couch, a large kitchen and family room with wood stove. Oh, and a hot tub too!! You know this group got along famously when you have 7 people and one bathroom and it worked out just fine!

Our breakfast table every morning!

Every night, Bjørg would mix up the batter for fresh baked buns, let it rise in the refrigerator until morning, then bake the buns you see in the basket on the table! How special is that?!? A little butter and a piece of the very thin chocolate – nothing better!

Midnight dinner
Everyone helped in the kitchen!!

Pershús remained our base of operations for the rest of the trip. We would make day trips all over the place, often returning at midnight or after. Many a good conversation going till the early morning hours! The Faroes is not really a place for sunrise photography so the late nights made for some serious sleeping in without missing anything. The real work here was late afternoon and sunset.

Looking back up the valley from the house

This was pretty much the first place we flew our drones. It was good practice for later in the trip. Four of us brought drones and brought back some spectacular photos and video. More of that to come later.

So we are now settled in, time to get on with the trip, so stay tuned!!

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