At the very end of Vágar, is a sea stack called Drangarnir. It is an iconic place to visit and photograph. We had a guide to take us to Drangarnir, not because it was hard to find but that it’s on land owned by a local family who now requires a guide to visit. It’s interesting to note, that most of the land in the Faroes is owned by individuals, farmers and families who have lived there for generations. No parks or protected lands, all owned by private people. Our guide on the trip was, wait for it …… the farmers daughter! Helga’s family owns the land, she lives in the village of Bøur which is across the fjord from the trail we hiked. Helga is no joke when it comes to hiking, same speed up, down or flat!

Helga, on the left, with the rest of our crew

This trip wasn’t too bad, the majority of it was following a trail that was for the most part flat .. ish. The interesting part was we were fairly high up the side of the “mountain” so you really didn’t want to misstep because it was a long way down to the water!


This was shot from inside a little cave up the side of the mountain, just big enough for one person. The horseshoe shaped sea stack is Drangarnir. The island beyond is called Tindhólmur and if you look way off beyond that is the island of Mykines, the western most part of the Faroes.

Another view

We were able to scramble down onto the rocks at the very base of the cliffs to get this view of Drangarnir. Again, Christian is our model, adding a bit of scale to the image. The slow shutter speed allows for the water to take on that creamy look with the sun behind the island just before setting. From the first photo up in the little cave where everything seems so small to being right at sea level with the rocks towering over you. A spectacular place!

The return hike just as the sun was dipping into the sea.

We started our return a bit early as we were to be picked up by boat at the lighthouse, halfway back. Helga and her brother, Ragnar, picked us up and we took a short ride out past Drangarnir and to the other end of Tindólmur. Another late night in the Faroe Islands!!

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  1. Deb August 30, 2022 at 1:44 pm #

    Love the landscape photo with Christian. All are good but that one is spectacular! I’m having a great time following along! Thanks for the journey!

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