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Another Visit

I just can’t resist the temptation to grab the camera when these guys keep showing up in the yard.  We’ve seen ’em before and I reckon’ we’ll seem all winter, the white background will be […]

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He’s Baaack

Remember this guy?  A few weeks ago he showed up just as his antlers were shedding their velvet.  He looked pretty nasty then, oh how they change.  Now he’s looking mighty fine back lit by […]

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Rainy Day Visiters

Had most of the herd in the yard munchin’ on grass this afternoon.  I managed to scare off all but these two.  They must’ve been really hungry! Fine looking boy here.  You can see his […]

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Look Who’s Visiting

  You never know who might show up in the backyard around here.  This evening we had this young gentleman munching on the grass just minding his own business.  This time of the year it […]

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Back to Normal…..sort of

As you can see, our frosty day has melted back to daffodils pushing up and the deer grazing in the yard.  I guess it was just April Fools day two days early!

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