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Paradise Bay

This image keeps popping up as one of my desktop photos.  It’s from my trip last year to Antarctica.  It’s taken with a 16mm fisheye lens which almost goes 180 degrees, which is why it […]

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The Antarctic in B & W

I’ve been going through some of my images and see that even though there was more color than you would expect, the B & W conversion makes for a pretty dramatic shot.  Take the blue […]

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Whale of a Whale!

The one critter, if you can call him that, that’s gone unmentioned till now is the Humpback Whale.  Big boy!  We saw our share of them, although not a huge number.  My good friend Steve […]

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Baily Head ( 62° 58′ S, 60° 30′ W )

As you may have noticed from all the earlier posts, we were graced with the best possible weather for our whole expedition.  Even the ships crew wondered who brought all that good weather, since they […]

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Whalers Bay, Deception Island ( 62° 59′ S, 60° 34′ W )

Deception Island, certainly the most historic site we visited on our adventure.  The islands harbor, Port Foster, has been a safe haven for ships since the early 19th century.  The islands first commercial use was […]

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