Birds, Bugs & Berries, A Walk on the Farm

Walking with the dogs this evening and took my camera along just to see what was out there.  Usually, if I don’t bring the camera, all kinds of exciting things happen.  When I bring it, well, you guessed it.  Today, these are the things that caught my eye.

This is bubbles – notice the background.

Finally!!  One of these little buggers landed.  They flutter all over in the back fields but never land.  Boy, they must be tired at the end of the day!

Space needle ……. just weird I guess.

This is my favorite from today – weird, huh?

You think birds in flight are hard to catch….HA!!  These guys move about a million miles an hour.  We stopped down by the lake for a swim, at least Emmy & Dawson did.  I sat on the bank and watched about five or six of these guys chase each other around.  I must have fired off a couple dozen shots, some with a completely empty frame, but you know what they say- even a stopped clock is right twice a day!  Got lucky with this one.

After a while, they rested.

go ahead, click on one, see what happens

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