Bertha Falls, Waterton Lakes

My morning hike in Watertown Lakes took me out of town along the trail following the shore of Upper Waterton Lake.  It was a beautiful clear morning, with magnificent views of the lake once farther up on the trail.


A peek through the trees at the lake.

A little further on, a bit lower than Bertha falls was a small cascade.  Hiking along the trail, you were never far from hearing the water in a long series of cascades and waterfalls, most of which you couldn’t see.

As the sound of the water pounding over the falls increased, you were, finally,  at the base of Lower Bertha Falls.

It’s an unusual waterfall in that it spreads out wide over the rocks, twists and turns into a sort of flume as it makes a sudden turn down the mountain.  

A closer view of the bottom with a real feel for the power of the water crashing down onto the rocks!  Even with the sound of the falls, it was a very secluded and peaceful morning sitting watching  the water, not another person around!

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