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Pont d’ Avignon

A landmark of the city of Avignon, the bridge spanned the Rhône between Villeneuve-lés-Avignon and Avignon.  It was constructed in 1224, with 22 original arches.  In 1699, a catastrophic flood destroyed most of the bridge, […]

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Farewell to the Camarague

Our final days with the horses and we got to see some of the traditional garb of the region.  Pretty formal attire for “cowboys” but I suspect this was more ceremonial.  The long stick the […]

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Le Rôdeur Solitaire de la Camarague

I’ll let you figure out the title although the image above should give you a clue! The cowboys and cowgirls, those who take care of the horses are unbelievable riders, so skilled, it looks like […]

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The Horses of Camarague

As we continue on with the horses of Camarague, a little sample of some of the things we’ve been doing. This evening shot in water much shallower than the morning gave us the opportunity to […]

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The Camarague

Beginning another adventure, this time in the Camarague region in southern France.  We are staying in a small-town on the Mediterranean coast, Saintes Maries de la mer.  One thing this area is famous for, the […]

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