Another First

I was recently in Florida for a short trip and had the opportunity to visit the Venice Rookery.  I’ve been to the rookery several times over the last few years but this was the latest spring visit for me.  I have to say it may have been the best.  There were lots of hatchlings and young birds that you would only see later in the spring, so that was fun.  I also happened upon one completely new to me as well –

This is a Common Moorhen, also referred to as a Common Gallinule.  What really threw me when I first saw him was the non webbed feet, similar to a heron or egret or other wading bird, as you can see in the first image.  But then he hopped right into the water and floated like a duck, which the wading birds don’t do.  I had no clue until I got home and was able to look it up.  So that alone made for a pretty good day.  I’ll post some more from the rookery over the next few days.

be sure to click on the image to see it bigger!

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