A Short Ride Through Zion

As, I’m sure you’re aware by now, all the parks were closed on my recent trip to Utah.  Our last “stop” was Zion National Park in the southwest corner of the state.  SR 9 runs right through the southeast corner of the park to a town called Springdale where we were to stay.  The road has many turnoffs and pullouts to look and take pictures of the spectacular scenery.  Those were all roped off – can’t stop at all on the road or face a $200 ticket.  How do you close the outside – really!  We drove very slow, thanks for driving Steve, stopped when we could, leaned out the window and if we had had a sunroof would have been poking up through that.  This may have been the most beautiful 12 mile stretch of road I’ve been on, very cool!  So this is what it looked like – sorta.

Wonderful cliffs, rock formations and of course colors.

There was a tunnel with these big windows looking out over the gorge.  Any other time we would have pulled off, this time slow down and shoot!

When you get to Springdale and exit the park you have The Watchman.  This formation towering above the town, which is actually nestled into this valley with mountains on three sides.  Pretty nice place!

be sure to click on the images to see bigger!

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  1. Debra Keller October 26, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    Very Cool! Maybe next time you’ll actually get “in”.

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